Real Estate Short Courses

Real Estate


Introductory Program for BRAND NEW AGENTS 90 Mins
Canvassing For experienced and new agents 2 Hours
The Seller & The Listing Appointment How to engage with the seller throughout the process – FICA – how to LIST the property – the Valuation – the CURRENT MARKET 3 Hours
The Sole Mandate Presenting for the Sole Mandate – what should you be

doing and how to do it – FICA

2 Hours
The Marketing Plan The primary areas of a tailor-made marketing plan in Real

Estate – NEW AGENTS & experienced

2 Hours
The Show House (SITTER) How to handle the show day – from start to finish – perfect

for new agents as well as the experienced

2 Hours
Qualifying the Buyer Understanding the dynamics of the buyer in R.E – how to engage with the buyer and stay focused – The Bond Process – The Costs involved – The time line. 3 Hours
Taking the Offer How to take the offer – the various terms and conditions –


2 Hours
Presenting the Offer How to deal with the seller and the buyer – the merits of

the offer – the strength of the offer – the CLOSE!

2 Hours
Commission The ever-changing real estate landscape and how to manage the issue around commission – your VALUE ADD 2 Hours


This workshop is vital for EVERY ESTATE AGENT today! It covers all the bases and focuses on the time lines – the stakeholders – the end result. 3 Hours
After the Offer Maintaining control over the process – ensuring a smooth

stress-less experience for ALL PARTIES

2 Hours