Dealing with difficult people

Irate customers, angry colleagues and meddlesome managers are just some of the difficult people we will all have to deal with in our careers. These people can be uncooperative, uncommunicative, and just plain unpleasant to work with. No matter who it comes from, the stress that dealing with difficult people causes can really hurt – even to the point that it affects productivity through illness and absenteeism.

Our 1-day Dealing with Difficult People programme will equip you with the skills needed to deal with all types of difficult people. Knowing how to deal with difficult people at work will allow you to approach your job with more enjoyment and your co-workers with greater confidence

This Accredited program is Aligned to Unit Standard 9533 (3 credits) in the Business Administration Level 3 Qualification

Classroom-Based: R 3, 500 Excl. VAT | Blended Learning: R 2, 500 Excl. VAT

Course Outcomes

Understanding the current relationships in your life and identifying ways in which you can improve the relationships

Holding your own and maintaining your composure

Identifying, accepting and dealing with emotions and feelings evoked by difficult people

Enhancing skills for talking to difficult people on the phone

Learning how to successfully handle customer complaints

Problem Solving Techniques


Admission Requirements

  • Entry Level



Duration: 1 Day