Home Quest

Course Overview

Buying a first home is a dream come true. However, it is a lengthy process where potential, and sometimes very costly pitfalls can trap the unprepared buyer. It is critical that home buyers are educated in all aspects of the responsibilities and duties of a homeowner well in advance before signing an offer to purchase.  This 90-minute course introduces attendees to the process of buying a home, sourcing of funds, the legal process and the various tenureship options available.  The training offers a practical introduction into Home loan finance and makes use of affordability tools to guide prospective homeowners towards the house they can afford.  The government subsidy (FLISP) criteria, requirements and process is covered in this workshop. This course is available for the general public and employer housing schemes.

Course Content

  • Deciding between Renting and Buying as tenureship options
  • Weighing the costs and benefits of renting versus buying
  • Understanding available home loan options and the associated advantages and disadvantages
  • Better money management and enhanced affordability
  • Assessing your home loan needs
  • Understand the various home financing methods
  • Explaining additional costs associated with home – ownership
  • The importance of homeowner insurance
  • Your rights and obligations as a future consumer 

Course Outcomes

  • Demystification of homeownership and its importance
  • Knowing and understanding the roles of various attorneys involved in a mortgage transaction
  • Providing guidance on how to remedy over- indebtedness
  • Knowing the importance of maintaining one’s property
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as a new/ prospective bondholder
  • Understanding basic budgeting and the benefits thereof
  • Understanding the various costs associated with home ownership

 Course Qualification

A certificate of attendance – the course is certified by all corporates offering Home-Loans

Course Duration

This 1 ½ hr course is run by experienced facilitators with mortgage loan background.