RENTWELL – Rights and obligations of Tenants and Landlords

Course Overview

There is evidence that disputes between tenants and landlords are generally caused by a poor understanding of rental housing, financial basics as well as rights and obligations of both parties. This course helps Tenants understand the responsibilities of taking on a tenancy and manage a household budget so they are set up for success.

Pre-tenancy training is an effective way to help prepare clients for independent and responsible living and alleviate misunderstanding between both parties of the lease agreement. Tenants are also taught that rental is not their only option and are guided towards future homeownership, where they can turn their investment into an asset, access credit and identify financial impact. The course is presented by a qualified facilitator well versed with housing issues from selling to buying and leasing.

Workshop Content

  • Differences between Renting and Buying
  • Applying for Housing and credit vetting.
  • Lease agreements and legal implications.
  • Tenants responsibilities and obligations
  • Landlord’s responsibilities and obligations
  • Expenses prior to occupation
  • House rules-discussion of rules governing communal habitation.
  • Making a house a home – tips regarding house to furnish your house affordability and DIY tips.
  • Money Matters (needs, wants and saving) – the importance of budgeting and how to complete a budget.
  • Rent – do’s and don’ts
  • Dealing with Financial difficulties
  • Circumstances that might lead to ending the tenancy.
  • Moving out of the rental accommodation- lease implications, notice period and Financial implications.
  • The Future- buying your own home. 

Course Outcomes

  • How to be a good tenant.
  • Understanding your affordability.
  • Tenant’s rights and obligations.
  • Landlord’s rights and obligations.
  • Money Management tool
  • Understanding the lease agreement.
  • Dealing with Financial difficulties.
  • Preparing for homeownership

Course requirements

Landlords and tenants wanting to understand their rights and obligations 

Workshop Qualification

Soft skill designed to create a harmonious relationship between tenants and landlords bearing a certificate of attendance after the workshop.

Course Duration

Two to four hours.