Time Management

Time management starts with a commitment to change. Assessing how and where you currently spend your time will provide an effective way of utilising your time in business and general life. One of the biggest secrets to successful time management is to do thorough planning and then protect your plan notwithstanding the demands placed on you by others. One needs to protect their time management plans whilst diplomatically managing expectations from others. By carefully managing and planning for the tasks you accept, you will see how much more you get done, with less stress.

This intensive 1-day Time Management Skills to Maximise Productivity course will show you how to improve your time management through better planning, prioritising, delegating and controlling your environment.

This Accredited program is Aligned to Unit Standards 15324 (4 credits) in the Generic Management Level 5 Qualification.

Classroom-Based: R 3, 500 Excl. VAT | Blended Learning: R 2, 500 Excl. VAT


Course Outcomes

Plan your time carefully and protect your time plan

Classing activities as urgent, important, both or neither and allocating your time accordingly

Decision making skills

Learn to say No and delegate to others

Being wary of “productivity” devices, programmes and gimmicks that actually waste time

Prioritise long and short term goals

Admission Requirements

  • Entry Level



Duration: 2 Days