Transforming potential into capability

Charter Academy is accredited by both Services SETA and Bank SETA as a Further Education and Training College (FET). All our courses and training are outcome based and designed to deliver tangible, measurable results. Our multi-dimensional approach promotes optimal learning through interaction, engagement and knowledge transfer.
Integration is at the heart of our approach – combining experience and knowledge, practical and theoretical, academic and business – with innovation and empowerment being the lifeblood of our organisation.
In addition to hosting courses and training at our well-equipped learning and Training Centre in Greenside, Johannesburg, Charter Academy has branches in Durban and Cape Town offering learners and clients’ nationwide engagement.

All our accredited qualifications adhere to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Skills Development Programmes.

Real Estate and Banking

Introduction to Real Estate

Further Education and Training Certificate in Real Estate (NQF 4) ID 59097

National Certificate Real Estate (NQF 5) ID 20188


Professional Designation Exam 4 & 5 Preparation

Real Estate Short Courses

Real Estate Application Form

National Certificate: Banking (NQF 5) ID 61589

RE 5 Examination Prep

NC: General Management: Banking (NQF 5) 59201 Learning Program 96100

NC: Skills Development Management: Banking (NQF 5) 59201 Learning Program 96101

NC: Strategic Management: Banking (NQF 5) 59201 Learning Program 96102

NC: Customer Management: Banking (NQF 5) ID 59201 Learning Program 96099


General Education and Training Certificate: Business Practice (NQF 1) ID 61755

Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management (NQF 4) ID 57712

National Certificate: Contact Centre Support (NQF 2) ID 71490

National Certificate: Generic Management (NQF 5) ID 59201

Emotional Intelligence


National Certificate: New Venture Creation (NQF 2) ID 49648

Further Education and Training Certificate New Venture Creation (NQF 4) ID 66249

General Education and Training Certificate: Business Practice (NQF 1) ID 61755

National Certificate: Business Administration (NQF 3) ID 67465

Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration (NQF 4) ID 61595


Inclusivity and Diversity

Leadership and Change Management

Chairing a Meeting

Minute Taking

Emotional Intelligence



Basic Finance Management

Home Quest



Rights and obligations of Tenants and Landlords


Social and Financial Empowerment


Charter academy is partnering with one of the world’s leading Digital Educators with the aim of expanding our digital platform to include 300+ online micro lessons. This will provide our clients with a branded platform that is dynamic, highly interactive, and designed around their specific training requirements and deliverables.

The platform includes video content, gamification, and a range of the latest tools to make learning easier and more accessible. The platform also offers audible content for the sight impaired as well as subtitles in all South African languages and will be available in mid 2020.

We plan on moving our Consumer Financial Education courses to this new format and platform over the next 18 months.


Charter Academy is currently in negotiations with a leading mobile education provider, whose solutions are being used across central and east African countries to deliver educational content to thousands of individuals with built-in survey tools for enhanced monitoring and evaluation capability.

Mobile education is a true game changer providing:

  • 24-hour access to learning with no internet, smartphone or computer required
  • Bite-sized lessons as adults learn more effectively in short, easily digestible bursts
  • Self-paced so learners are in control of their own progress
  • Customize content to meet your organization needs
  • Data analytics for monitoring and evaluation